The Trial of Oscar Wilde: Free audiobook

I've edited another Wilde-related project for the free audiobook website, This one is The Trial of Oscar Wilde, compiled by Charles Grolleau from the shorthand reports of Wilde's two trials.

This is a dramatic reading, meaning that each part is read by a different volunteer, 23 in total.

Here's the blurb I wrote for Librivox:

In 1895 Oscar Wilde was convicted of gross indecency and sentenced to two years' hard labor. This account of his two trials was compiled from the original shorthand court reports by an anonymous author. While a more complete account of the trial was published several years later, it omitted the more 'sensational' exchanges. This shorter version was clearly intended for a more prurient reader. In it we hear Wilde's famous defence of "the love that dare not speak its name", and see the evidence mount as a succession of attractive young men step into the witness box to tell their tales.

Click here to listen to the audiobook or here to read the original text.