Oscar Wilde's Impressions of America: Audiobook

After Oscar Wilde completed his 1882 tour of America, he toured the UK and Ireland with a lecture on his transatlantic adventure. In the early 1880s, very few Britons were familiar with life on the other side of the pond. The British were entertained by Wilde's curious take on their American cousins, and the lecture was a popular success.

The text of the lecture was published with an introduction by Stuart Mason in 1906, and you can read it for free here. However, because Wilde toured before the days of radio or even wax cylinder recording, no audio version of the lecture exists. That's why I decided to record Impressions of America for Librivox.

You can listen to my recording of Wilde's lecture below, or visit the catalogue page for the Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 037 on Librivox.

Download the MP3

Discover more about Oscar Wilde's American lecture tour, and my comic about it, at oscarwildecomics.com


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