Free audiobook of the first Oscar Wilde biography by Robert Sherard

Robert Harborough Sherard was Oscar Wilde's friend of 16 years and first biographer.

In 1902, just two years after Wilde died in a French hotel, Sherard published the first of his five books about the Lord of Language: Oscar Wilde: The Story of an Unhappy Friendship. He followed it up in 1906 with The Life of Oscar Wilde, and in 1917 with The Real Oscar Wilde. Shorter works followed: Oscar Wilde Twice Defended in 1934 and Bernard Shaw, Frank Harris and Oscar Wilde in 1937.

In January of 2014, all Sherard's writings entered the public domain in the UK (the earlier works were already in the public domain in the US). This means my fellow Brits can now download the biographies for free (and legally)!

It also means that I could record Sherard's first biography for Librivox, the free public domain audiobook people. So I did!

The audiobook was released today: go download it here.

And, yes, I am already recording the second of Sherard's Wilde bios...